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BookRug Bookmark - Jade Fars Pictoral


BookRug Bookmark - Jade Fars Pictoral

$ 8.00

Inspired by a centuries-old Persian (Iranian) confederacy pictorial rug design from the Fars province in the south of Iran, these rugs were originally made for the court and great nobles and were presented only on special occasions. Original rugs were made of high quality wool pile, and a multiple border in a pattern is a sign of later weavings.

Approximate Finished Size: 1.25" wide by 7" long (including fringe) and 1/16" thick.

BookRugs are elegant bookmarks that are designed to be both beautiful and practical.

BookRug surfaces (both front and back) are made with world-patented LextraFilm yarn-dyed nylon fiber coating process and they are printed without ink. The quality may be compared to high-wear carpeting construction, although on a much finer scale. Enjoy the lovely, soft feel and vibrant colors.

Since BookRugs are manufactured with the performance engineered Lextra flock printing technology they are highly abrasion resistant. The best cleaning techniques are those that get down between the fibers to completely dislodge and wash away any accumulated debris.

We have discovered that a common high pressure wand (available at neighborhood car washes to wash cars and especially floor mats) is the most effective cleaning method. Simply:

  • mount the BookRug with floor mat clips or place flat securely on the (concrete) ground
  • run the SOAP or WASH cycle with the high pressure wand to drive soap thoroughly into the BookRug fibers, working it back and forth to agitate and loosen the dirt
  • run through the RINSE cycle, again working the wand back and forth to drive away all dirt particles
  • shake water out of BookRug as much as possible and lay on flat surface with fibers up to air dry - may lay on a towel, paper or cloth, to absorb some of the water

The BookRug's yarn-dyed nylon fibers will look like new after this process.

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