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3 Easy DIY Centerpieces for a Colorful Thanksgiving Table

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When you decide to host Thanksgiving, you need a quick and easy table centerpiece that creates a cozy, holiday atmosphere. Get your inspiration here.

Thanksgiving is coming up pretty quickly, which means you need to start thinking about how you're going to dress up your table before you make the dressing for your turkey. To create a colorful and personalized Thanksgiving table, you need to first figure out what your personal style is. Are you bold? Rustic? Love glitter? Do you prefer acorn decor or colorful leaves? No matter your style, you can find a quick and easy way to decorate your Thanksgiving table with color and style.

Apple Candles Centerpiece


For a festive and unique Thanksgiving centerpiece, use apples. You’ll need tea lights, apples, a pen or marker, a paring knife, and lemon juice. Place the tea light on the top of the apple and trace a circle around it. Then use your paring knife to cut a hole the shape and size of the tea light. You can use your paring knife to cut out enough apple to fit the tea light, but you can also use a melon baller. Once you remove enough apple for tea light to sit flush with the apple’s edge, brush some lemon juice around the cut surface to keep it fresh and put in the tea light. You can either line your apple candles on a tray or have them float in a glass bowl in the center of your table.

Candle and Coffee Bean Centerpiece


If you have an extra bag of coffee beans, some pumpkin-scented votive candles, glass vases, and some raffia or burlap, you have a Thanksgiving centerpiece that is not only beautiful to look at but smells delicious. The aromas of coffee beans and pumpkin scented-candles will be enough to make your friends and family drool for Thanksgiving dinner and the flames on the candles will make your dining room feel cozy and comfortable. Simply pour coffee beans into each vase until about halfway full then nestle in a candle. Tie some raffia, burlap, or decorative paper around the vase and you’re done! You can line the center of your Thanksgiving table with these or put them in a cast iron pan or tray for a truly rustic look.

Give Thanks Placemat

While not technically a table centerpiece, these thoughtful and interactive placemats will be the center of attention at your Thanksgiving dinner. There are many different ways to make this DIY thankful placemat, but we think the easiest is to use postal paper and a white marker. If you don’t like your handwriting, we can print up custom pages that say whatever you want them to and have any Thanksgiving design you want them to with our InScribe printing service. All of our InScribe products are printed in-house for faster proof times and no delivery fees.

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