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Flamingo Naming Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to Patrice!

The giant flamingo's name is now Candy Floss!

Thank you all so much for your participation in our fun naming contest. We went through so many unique, clever, and fun names, but Candy Floss is the winner. According to Merriam-Webster, candy floss is the British term for cotton candy as well as "something attractive but insubstantial." We don't think a giant, 7-foot-tall flamingo is insubstantial, but she certainly is attractive! Thank you again for all of you who participated and get ready because starting soon we'll be raffling Candy Floss off!

That's right! We'll be selling raffle tickets for $5 until May 14th. It's a long time, so make sure to get a lot of raffle tickets to increase your chance of winning such an amazing decoration! There's no limit to how many raffle tickets you can buy!

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